Vedova in his studio, 1948


With the war ended, Vedova returns to Venice, where he is again hospitalised. Leaves his studio in the Palazzo Carminati to move to the Fondamenta Bragadin, by the Zattere, a known meeting place for artists and intellectuals: “I passed some tumultuous years in that studio... A plethora of experiences; I felt I needed to ‘cleanse’ my palette of all that inflamed colour, define more stringently, compress the planes; and my response was collages like Pescatore, Cucitrice, etc., and a series of drawings, pastels, pen and ink works…”*
In the same period has first contacts with, and begins to exhibit at, international shows.

* Emilio Vedova, Pagine di diario, Galleria blu Editrice, Milano, 1961