Palma Bucarelli and Emilio Vedova at “Vedova” exhibition, Galleria Marlborough, Rome 1963. Ph Sirap, Rome


In September 1963, he gives a lively speech – intended to prove the impossibility of a unanimous Gestalt - to the "12. Convegno internazionale di artisti, critici e studiosi d'arte", conducted in Rimini, Verucchio and Riccione and organised by Giulio Carlo Argan.
In November has his first one-man show at the Marlborough Gallery in Rome, presented by Argan, which provokes heated discussion, including a polemical piece: “Pictures that explode under your feet” by Bruno Zevi in L’Espresso.
The Accademia di Venezia abolishes the chair in painting gained by Vedova in open competition.