Emilio Vedova working on "Absurdes Berliner Tagebuch ‘64 Plurimo 5", 1964, Berlin, 1964. Foto Uwe Rau, Berlin


From late 1963 to mid-1965 Vedova is guest of the Ford Foundation in Berlin for their artist-in-residence program, working on his Plurimi in a huge studio which had once been Arno Breker’s. Hans Scharoun and Hannah Hoch visit him there, along with André Masson, Alfred H. Andersch, Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt and Jiri Kotalik.
His Plurimi from the Absurdes Berliner Tagebuch cycle, created in Berlin, are exhibited for the first time in Kassel, during "documenta III", curated by A. Bode and W. Haftmann.
During his stay he is the only Italian artist apart from Giorgio Morandi invited to exhibit at the International Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing, where he shows a selection of Architetture Veneziane from 1936 and some studies for the Plurimi (1961-1964).
He again takes part in the "XXXII Biennale Internazionale d'Arte di Venezia".