Emilio Vedova working in his studio on Chi brucia un libro brucia un uomo, Venice, 1993. Ph Fabrizio Gazzarri, Milan


The burning-down of the Sarajevo library during the night of August 25th 1992 inspires Vedova to create Chi brucia un libro brucia un uomo, a multiple-disc, realized in 1993. 
As part of the “Salzburger Festspiele” dedicated to Luigi Nono, Vedova contributes seven large canvases from the 1950s-1980s to the: "Utopia - Arte Italiana 1950/1993" exhibition in the Schüttkasten at Salzburg.
Has a retrospective at the Museo d’Arte Moderna in Lugano and the same year takes part in Ljubljana’s “20th Mednarodni Grafični Bienale.