Vedova setting up the exhibition "Italienische metamorphose 1943-1968", Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg, 1995. Ph Fabrizio Gazzarri, Milan


Invited by Germano Celant to take part in “The Italian Metamorphosis, 1943 –1968” an exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York (and then at the Kunstmuseum in Wolfsburg), where he exhibits his “geometrie nere” from 1950, ‘teleri’ from the 1950s/60s and the (suspended) Plurimo n°5 from the Absurdes Berliner Tagebuch ’64.
Rudy Fuchs invites him to fill two large personal rooms of the exhibition “Couplet 5 – Dansende Meisjes” at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam where he shows his Partiture ’91/’92 cycle with the “…in continuum, compenetrazioni / traslati ‘87/’88” cycle, the ‘Disco’ Non Dove ’86 and Oltre Rosso ’85.
Sets up a solo show at the Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea at Trento with an installation of ‘Dischi’.
In 1996 wins the European Grand Prize for Graphic Art at the
"4. Bienale Slovenske Grafike" at Novo Mesto in Slovenia.