Emilio Vedova receives the Golden Lion at the "XLVII Esposizione Biennale Internazionale d’Arte", Giardini and Arsenale, Venice, 1997


Nel 1997 inaugurates a solo show “Vedova Arbitrii Luce” at the Studio Marconi in Milan, with exclusively black/white/metal works: Frammenti/Schegge, Arbitri (‘77/’78), Laminati (’91), ‘Dischi’ Non Dove (‘87-’97).
Wins Leone d’Oro for Lifetime Achievement at the XLVIIth Venice Biennale.
In 1998 inaugurates a major retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Castello di Rivoli.
In 1999 invited to the new Ala di Milano Gallery (to which he will return with a graphics exhibition in 2001), for the launch of a folder of etchings - “Aus dem Augenrund” – with texts by di Joaquim Sartorius and Massimo Cacciari.
Invited in the same year to the exhibition “À rebours, la rebellion informalista (1939-1968)” first at the Atlantic Centre for Modern Art, Las Palmas, and subsequently at Madrid’s Centro d’Arte Reina Sofia
Contributes between 2000 and 2015 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ collection at the Farnesina Palace with Ciclo ‘81 - Compresenze 7.
Invited by Maurizio Calvesi to the exhibition “Novecento. Arte e Storia in Italia” at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome.
In the autumn of 2002 Vedova donates the seven ‘Plurimi’ of the Absurdes Berliner Tagebuch’64 to the city of Berlin, exhibited at the Berlinische Galerie, from the opening of the new venue, inaugurated on October 22, 2004.