Euroamerica, 2016


While Emilio Vedova was a leading exponent of avant-garde Italian art in the immediate post-war years, he very soon entered a circuit that went beyond national frontiers and in which he also played a leading role, as underlined by the success at the Biennale of São Paulo in Brazil in 1951 and 1953-1954, in addition to numerous exhibitions in New York and the United States generally, where a few years later, he was also invited to give lectures in various prestigious universities. Also dating from those years was a long journey through “deserts, canyons, Indian reservations, black and white ghettos in the immense metropolises” that would leave a profound mark on his artistic development. It is in his De America, the great cycle of about fifty paintings on canvas and paper executed by Emilio Vedova in Venice between 1976 and 1977 that his intense “American” experience found expression, with a manner of painting re ecting the radical transformations that shook society on both sides of the Atlantic, especially in the 1960s and 1970s. A prestigious volume edited by Germano Celant with biographical and documentary research by Laura Lorenzoni has been dedicated to this extraordinary cycle and its genesis and is soon to be released, published by Skira. In reference to this extraordinary period in Vedova’s painting, the Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova is organising Euroamerica, a series of concerts dedicated to the United States and to Europe, curated by Mario Messinis. The choice has fallen not on radical American composers, but those who can be most easily enjoyed, on popular music and “high-kitsch” (as Arbasino would call it). As for the European avant-garde, the focus will be on looking for new languages, with touches of analytical rationalism.


A series of concerts
arranged by Mario Messinis


14/15 July 2016
Chick Corea Quintet
The music of Miles Davis, Bud Powell,
Horace Silver and more
Chick Corea, pian
Christian McBride, bass
Wallace Roney jr, trumpet
Kenny Garre, saxophone
Marcus Gilmore, drums

28 October 2016
Frank Zappa
original project dedicated to Frank Zappa
curated by Giovanni Mancuso
John Cage
Concert for piano and orchestra
Chironomids Outerspace Group
Giovanni Mancuso, conductor and pianist
in association with the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello

29 October 2016
American Songs
23 songs for voice and 14 instruments
Original songs and transcriptions
by Luca Mosca
Überbrettl Ensemble
Pierpaolo Maurizzi, conductor
Cristina Zavalloni, voice

30 October 2016
Uri Caine
Urlicht- Primal Light
Uri Caine Ensemble
Uri Caine, piano
Ralph Alessi, trumpet
Joyce Hammann, violin
Chris Speed, clarinet
Mark Helias, double-bass
Jim Black, drums
Dj Olive, consolle dj

10 November 2016
Terry Riley Tread on the trail
for chamber orchestra
Chironomids Outerspace Group
Giovanni Mancuso, conductor
Claude Debussy Preludi– second book
Arnold Schönberg Six pieces op. 19
Pierre Boulez
Une page d'éphéméride
Douze Notations

Letizia Michielon, piano

11 November 2016
George Crumb
The Ghosts of Alahambra
Nicholas Isherwood, baritone
Arturo Tallini guitar
Rodolfo Rossi drums
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Anna Clementi, soprano
Nicholas Isherwood, baritone

13 November 2016
Pierre Boulez Livre pour quator
Steve Reich Different Trains
Jack Quartet
Christopher Otto e Austin Wulliman, violini
John Pickford Richards, viola
Kevin McFarland, cello