Emilio Vedova ...Cosiddetti Carnevali... / Emilio Vedova 2013

The artist Emilio Vedova is the protagonist of two volumes created on the occasion of the events focusing on him that have been held in Venice over the course of this year. "Emilio Vedova ...Cosiddetti Carnevali..." is the first volume to bring together the series of works ...Cosiddetti Carnevali... in a comprehensive and significant way. Created between 1977 and 1991, these illustrate a particularly original phase in the artist's career, providing an unusual perspective on his art. The series as a whole features a large range of media and modes of display, with technical and expressive differences that enhance the conspicuous diversity of Emilio Vedova's pictorial language. 
"Emilio Vedova 2013" is instead devoted to the complete series of Vedova-related events scheduled for Venice in 2013 ("Emilio Vedova ...Cosiddetti Carnevali..." at the Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova, "Vedova Tintoretto" at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, and "Vedova Plurimo" in three civic museums in Venice: Ca’ Pesaro, Ca’ Rezzonico, and the Museo Correr). The volume focuses on places and situations that have witnessed the artist play an active, leading role within the debate on art both in Venice and internationally, thereby emphasizing the deep connection between the artist's work and his beloved and intensely experienced native city.
The publication of "Emilio Vedova …Cosiddetti Carnevali…" - edited by Germano Celant and Fabrizio Gazzarri, and that of "Emilio Vedova 2013", edited by Germano Celant, represent two crucial contributions to research on Vedova. These volumes trace the artist's career through works ranging from 1937 to 1993: from his early drawing, passing through his Berlin Plurimi (1964), Frammenti Schegge (1978-80) and ...Cosiddetti Carnevali... (1977-1991), down to Chi brucia un libro brucia un uomo (1993).

Emilio Vedova ...Cosiddetti Carnevali...
Curated by Germano Celant and Fabrizio Gazzarri
Edited by: Skira/Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova
Year: 2013

Emilio Vedova 2013
Curated by Germano Celant
Edited by: Skira/Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova
Year: 2013

Emilio Vedova ...Cosiddetti Carnevali... / Emilio Vedova 2013
A cura di
Germano Celant con Fabrizio Gazzarri

Edited by Marsilio, Venice

Language: Italian
Format: 15 x 21 cm
Pages: 248 (total)
2 volumes with slipcase: 34 euro