Partisan booklet, 1943


On the fall of Fascism, Emilio Vedova moves to Rome to participate in the Resistance.
In 1944 moves back north to the Belluno area, where he takes up painting again, while doing his best not to attract suspicion: “I took good care to make clear to everyone my friendship with the painter [Romano] Conversano, who was well established there, and initial wariness about my presence gradually abated… I met up with Rodolfo Sonego, and we agreed to make contact with the Belluno C.V.L.N. [Veneto Resistance]: within a few days a company of partisans had formed in the Alpago. I was joined there by my brother Gino, who had already been active in Venice, and we settled into the hard life of the mountains”*.


* Emilio Vedova, Pagine di diario, Galleria Blu Editrice, Milan, 1961