Emilio Vedova working on Oltre-9 (Ciclo II, Rosso '85), Venice, 1985. Ph Paolo Mussat Sartor, Turin


Starts to create his Dischi – bifrontal works on wood: painted and scribbled, with collage/décollages and a variety of additional materials – in his Tondi, Oltre and Non dove cycles he continued his study of circular shapes.
Is invited to contribute to "Italia aperta", curated by Maria Corral, the first show at the Caja de Pensiones Foundation’s new exhibition halls in Madrid. Vedova opts to install his work in the most irregular of the spaces, with an elevated walkway, that allowed the vision from different levels and the possibility of creating different routes around the paintings. For the Non a Caso cycle, made specifically for the exhibition, Vedova personally took care of the installation, situating the five discs flat on the floor, or standing, slanting, at the center of the room or on the wall.